Co-education is very beneficial

Co-education is very beneficial when students study in the same environment which remove the hesitation among male and female. When hesitation is removed they can easily face troubles due to different sexes in their practical life. We can say that coeducation is very beneficial for both males and females in their practical life.

advantages and disadvantages in the co-educational

There are many advantages and disadvantages in the co-educational system of education. The first advantage is that if boys and girls are studying together, there is no need of separate school for boys and girls.

best guideline

1.     An ideal teacher is true guider in true meanings which provide the best guideline to student for best future because he is aware about their nature. We can say that an ideal teacher is everything to the student because it provide future to students and bright future is the life in actual meaning. Students are always successful because of prayers and efforts of teachers.